Welcome to Chennai Magic,

the best way to experience Chennai at your own pace!

Chennai has a lot to offer to visitors' whether it's shopping, sightseeing, dining, or experiencing the rich culture of South India. Squeezing it into a business trip is not easy' but with Chennai Magic, you can now have the pleasure of an insightful tour, at your convenience!

We offer walking tours (for small groups of 2-6 people), customized car tours (for upto 4 people), and bus tours for groups. Our Tour Guides are a team of no-nonsense women who understand the history and culture of South India and will help you get under the skin of the city. They also have a lot of experience with overseas visitors, so you?ll find them easy to talk to.

To book a tour, email us or call us. We?ll help schedule it into whatever time you have. And if there?s something outside this list that you want to do, just let us know, and we?ll do our best to make it happen!